i hate when people are like “only dogs can give u love and affection cats are cold and elusive” like okay dog person if you had ever actually owned a cat you would know they are the neediest fucking creatures on the planet

cats will literally sit on your head until you pay attention to them

That proves the point, they want attention, they want you to pay attention to them not them!

cats show affection and love in their own way

for example

  • actually holding eye contact with you and blinking slowly is how cats ‘kiss’
  • cats choose to sleep or sit next to you even if you’re busy when they have a million other places to be because they like your company
  • they consider positive attention love
  • when they ‘headbutt’ you it’s called ‘bunting’ and it’s how they show affection
  • when they knead you it’s because they feel comforted
  • they think of you petting them as grooming- it makes them feel good so they will ask for you to pet them (or demand) especially if they’re feeling sad
  • cats like to step on you because they mark you with their scent from their little feet telling other cats BACK THE FUCK OFF THIS HUMAN IS MINE
  • cats will lick you or groom you because they want you to be clean and happy
  • they bring you dead things because they don’t want you to starve

cats think of humans as parents whereas dogs think of humans as the alpha dog


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don't trust people who don't like cats

"Too many men look at me like I owe them something, like the word ‘beautiful’ should mean something to me just because that’s how they choose to describe me."
- Drew Clementine, When he asks what drawer you keep your lingerie in (via larmoyante)

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